Friday, January 22, 2010

On the subject of perfection...

Just musing aloud..

Shah Rukh tweeted on Jan 18th:

"perfection is so boring. much more to complete for the beholder with his/her imagination."

..and of course the Indian media picked that up as an 'attack' against Aamir Khan. Since I'm not one of the thousands of people who believe that Aamir Khan is Mr. Perfection.. and I seriously don't understand how Salman got sucked into this equation too (maybe the 'boring' part?).. I find the media's take on the subject at worst laughable..and at best, highly amusing.

I'm not a sociology scholar who can discuss on the concept of perfection, but I've found a nice article on it. I like what he says about it:

"The ideal is impossible. According to the photo chart, all of the women at the top still fall short of the ideal. Yet when the ideal, the normative definition of perfection, is achieved, it looks weird and is unappealing. The ideal is, well, not ideal (take that Baudrillard). Transhumanists are acutely aware of the unreality of perfection."

I dunno what a transhumanist is, but the guy talks sense.. yaar. The post was on a study of trying to combine 40 ideal women to get the most definitively beautiful woman in the world.. In his next post, he put up a file emphasizing his argument.

Anyway, I doubt our idea of perfection is the same as Shah Rukh's idea of perfection. Take his accomplishments, for example. As an obsessed fan of Shah Rukh, and a student, I think I understand what he means when he says he's not as intelligence/good at business/etc. as people think he is.

His brilliance  is obviously at a level higher than average people.. and what you or me think can be called satisfactory, for him it's probably just below average. When he says he's not good with numbers and names, he probably means he can't memorize more than 500 digits in pi or more than 10,000 contacts stored in his digital archive (have you watched this interview? What kind of crazy memory is that?? Well, I dunno about anyone else, but I'm fuzzy about what I did last week..never mind 20 years ago). When he talks about being good in business, he'll compare himself to the billionaires, multi-millionaires, or anyone much above his income bracket. When he talks about being smart, he'd look towards those personalities who've won Noble Prizes/international recognitions/etc. But he'd also be overjoyed when he can solve his children's schoolwork.

He's humble, and yet he's not. But that's how most things usually go with Shah Rukh. He's like a coin, or that puzzle cube in K-20.. all his faces/facets/personas can rush out and embrace you like a storm. And I don't think any of us would want to have it any other way

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