Saturday, January 30, 2010

Omi's Korner - Much ado about nothing..

Know what? After roaming the net searching for gossips on Shah Rukh.. I've found out a vital thing. There is absolutely NOTHING to be found on him in the big bad cyber world. At least, not the type that usually plagues an actor.. oh, like rumoured scandals with co-stars or anyone of the opposite/same sex, fights in shooting locations, etc. etc. Yeah, yeah.. I know about his alleged off-screen 'practice' with Deepa Sahi to get the sex scene to look real.. or his rumoured affair with Karan Johar.. or...

Ok, that's all. Anyone can contribute anything else?

The only garbage that gets recyled every 3 months is his 'cold wars' with the Bacchans, the other two big Khans (one of which is now true, to the delight of quite a number of reporters suffering from writer's block coz yeay now they have something they can write over and over about ad nauseam and the articles are guaranteed to be read by the bored and unimaginative section of the masses), the new actors on the block, and....

Okkkay.. that's pretty much it. That's all the dirt I got on a man who's supposed to have a life like an open book. Doesn't make sense. But Shah Rukh seldom makes much sense to me. Why do you think I write about him so much?

What do I think about the Deepa Sahi angle? Well, that stuff is over a loooong time ago. Anyway, he walloped the ass off the reporter who wrote that stupid article and got arrested for it too. That's the 'jailed for a day' thing he talked about in his recent MNIK interview. It's also told in Anupama Chopra's King of Bollywood book, if I'm not mistaken. He still remembers you, reporter dude! Maybe he's forgotten your name (altho I honestly think he hasn't.. despite him always protesting that he's bad with names) but I bet he still remembers your face, and your newspaper, and the address of the place where you used to live.. if you've moved elsewhere. Incidentally, that's the first movie of his I watched.. yep, the uncut version coz I watched it on UK tv, don't remember which channel. She's the only woman Shah Rukh has ever kissed on the lips publicly (albeit fictionally), didja gals realise that? Not even Gauri has that over her. Bet it annoys a lot of people that he's so stubborn about getting the no-kissing clause in his contracts after Maya Memsaab, but I think..even that ultimately works in his favour. Coz he can be as erotic as he wants on-screen without getting into trouble later on. Clever guy.

About him supposedly being gay.. hmmm, it's true that the guys in his circle are not the most macho men on the planet: Karan Johar, Mushtaq Sheikh, Manish Malhotra, Shiamak Davar.. well, Arjun Rampal is considerably macho though while Saif has Kareena, so... ahhh, and those love messages to Abhishek in twitter are too casually given, aren't they? *grins* I also notice that guys can't seem to stop themselves from hugging him/holding his hands/grabbing his face/kissing his cheeks/checking him out.. in fact, there have been youtube comments by heterosexual guys admitting that they're turned on by him. See, when I think about it.. it seems that we're focusing on this issue from the wrong angle. I think it's not supposed to be "Is Shah Rukh gay?"... it should be "How much do you (manly men that you all are) want him to be gay?" ..ha!

What's my point in babbling all this? errrr...mmm...oh yes. Despite thriving in the prudishly strict media-policed world of the Bollywood entertainment industry for nearly 2 decades, being a celeb who has had more than 2 biographies written on him, and a life the public supposedly knows everything there is to know about.. that even he wrote in twitter to us fan + reporter followers something like: "You think therefore I am".. he's managed to escape unscathed year after year. Compare that to Tiger Woods who's currently languishing in a sex addiction rehab facility.. la la la la la. Shah Rukh is either THAT good.. or he's really totally squeaky clean *gasp*

I'm in despair of ever continuing my Omi's Korner, unless I change tact. And fast. So I've decided to focus on the controversy angle. It's pretty high-brow.. on the topics of religions, patriotisme, terrorism, sports, trade, yada yada yada.. I mean, seriously.. is this guy an actor or someone who runs for public office? So, I doubt my Omi's Korner is gonna be a popular section in this blog from now on given the discussion topic.. but what can I do? It's a life and death decision. And I chose to live the life of a bore, than to die a jester's death. Since I was born dull, this is not a difficult decision to make.. rather, it suits me just fine.. :P

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