Saturday, January 9, 2010

Updates from the twitterworld...

- I've found a much easier way to tweet using my ombollywood twitter account. So if you have an account and don't mind getting spammed irregularly with all sorts of SRK-related links that I can't be bothered to log into the blog and post about, you can join the currently smallish crew over here (I hate the term 'followers' ..eeep, it makes me feel like some sorta spiritual leader or something).

- After checking up on @iamsrk messages every so often over at twitter search (via a very convenient app), I'm now thoroughly convinced that my tweets will never be read by Shah Rukh. They're out there, buried under a sea of muck and occasional gems sent out oh-so casually by more than 60k people at a rate of 57 times per person per day. Meh. I'll continue sending him tweets daily though, coz I'm a masochist like that.

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