Saturday, January 30, 2010

LoveGuru Shahrukh Khan - MNIK

Several things I gotta say...
  • For someone who doesn't understand the language, hindi sounds so beautiful when I hear it from Shah Rukh.. coz he speaks so fast! Nobody speaks hindi as fast and loaded with as many interesting points as he does in impromptu interviews. He has at least 3 paragraphs ready for the the host 2 seconds before the question is to finish. And they're not necessarily politically correct all the time either. 
  • The way he conveys his messages across... whether it's about movies, sports, business, rumours on his personal life, current world/national issues... makes me feel as if he's been fed the questions beforehand and spent the whole night searching for just the right words and practicing a coupla hours saying the lines in front of a mirror to come up with such answers. He sounds that prepared.
  • No matter how much in trouble he gets from his previous interviews, he'll just turn the situation around in his favour during his next ones.
  • He gave his MNIK promo schedule in this clip.. the full version to the one he briefly gave us in twitter.
  • I adore his love-hate interactions with the media. Wait for his punchline at the very end of this interview. And I do mean punch.. :P

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