Friday, January 8, 2010

Reading this, I cried a bit..

I've always wondered whether his thoughts exist only in the moments he thinks them, so that tomorrow this thought may have changed form and become something else..but I find it sad that in that particular moment, this is how he thinks of himself when he's being pursued by autograph books, cameras, and videos. Shah Rukh, you're an inspiration.. not just some cardboard cutout. Give yourself some credit, yaar.


"My life is two dimensional. People should take picture with me. I think I am only good for camera. That's why when somebody just meets me, I know all everyone wants from me is a photograph or an autograph or may be a roll of a video and that's all. When I exists I exists more on a film roll than in real life,"

You want to know how you've inspired me? I have a treadmill in my house now after your 6-pack abs revolution (yes, yes..I use it regularly) and most of the songs accompaniment are from your movies. Almost every time I get angry or disheartened with my project, I always remind myself that you've faced more problems and failures than I have and you didn't quit so who am I to complain? So I shut my whining up and shoulder on. Despite my work that seems not going anywhere, I took time to try out some activities (extreme sports stuff) that have been in my wish list since forever because of this "Just Do It!" attitude you keep going on and on about.

You're right of course..that movies don't change people's lives. But the personalities who drive the movies do. That's YOU! man. So don't think you're "only good for camera". That statement makes me want to whack your head and hug you at the same time. And everyone doesn't just want "a photograph or an autograph or may be a roll of a video and that's all". They want a piece of you to bring back with them..that's essentially what those photos, autographs, etc are. Pieces of you. They can't very well tear you into a large can of mince meat and distribute the bits, can they?

I sound angry, but I'm actually sad. Love is painful, I guess. No matter how much we love, it'll never be enough. No matter how much we want to show how much we love, it'll never be adequate. What I wrote above may sound crazy and nutty, but I've been in other fandoms (not Bollywood ones) before and believe are serious when we claim that we love our idols. I've some theories about this fandom phenomenon, which I won't bore you with by dispensing them here. Watch the Lift Kara De episodes if you want the visual illustrations. And I've learnt to take everyone's seriousness seriously, coz I'm serious too.

Anyway, I doubt I can change how Shah Rukh feels about himself. I can't even change how I feel about myself. I just feel like venting, is all.. :P

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