Saturday, January 16, 2010

Omi's Korner - Chapter 3

  • Dulha Mil Gaya reviewed.."sleep walk through a role and yet be bloody convincing"?? Is that a compliment or an insult, Mr. Omar 'I dunno why I talk like a robot' Qureshi?
  • Shah Rukh Khan missed the premier of the movie he nearly lost his arm acting in and nobody wrote an article commenting/speculating/rumour-mongering about it?? Hmmm... interesting.
  • Even though every one keeps harping on about the SRK-Aish jodi and how much they want to see the hot on-screen couple whose personal & professional relationshipships were broken apart (by the messed up, drunken then-boyfriend on the set of Chalte Chalte) and that they have supposedly become amiable with each other after what seemed like foreva coz Aish was so determined to be such a victim about it.. Shah Rukh finally clarified in Jan 16th tweet to a question posed by fans that sadly.. no, Aish is not gonna make an appearance in Ra-1. Boo hoo.
  • What is this? Where did this rumour of Shah Rukh playing The Peacemaker between Vivek and Abhishek come from?? Vivek is being such a good little boy now (he looks the part too, cute~). I have no idea why Shah Rukh is rooting so much for him, but we'll just have to trust his judgement coz his reputation of being a star-maker does precede him, not just of actors.. but directors and choreographers as well. I just hope that next time Vivek won't get into anymore trouble in his professional life just coz he's adamant to mix business with pleasure like he did in the past. Learn the code, Vivek~ ..or else the backlash will be fearsomely pricey.
  • Shah Rukh clarified that there's no feud between him, Farah Khan and her husband.. AGAIN (1:02-1:50). He had replied before... I mean, seriously.. how many times are they gonna make him come up with various versions of the same answer?? Despite him being one of the most articulate, wittiest guys on earth (according to me), the man has a boredom button just like the rest of us. Stop it with the pushing already!

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