Sunday, January 24, 2010

I don't know what is it about Pardes..

I've finally bought a copy after losing my non-subtitled one years ago. I repeat: years ago. And my memory box is not exactly the greatest *pokes brain to see whether it's still alive* ..but I found myself subconsciously spouting some dialogues. Needless to say, I freaked out..while feeling thoroughly impressed with myself.

Can I say Arjun is my most favourite character out of all the ones Shah Rukh has played? If someone were to go.. "but he didn't like that role!" ..I'd go: Precisely! That he could dislike a role or be so uncomfortable with playing it..and still affect me so much by the end of the movie, is a testament to his acting prowess. P/S: Those who're not affected by his acting prowess and about to type something to that effect can just forget it. I'll only delete your comment later and that's too much work for me. Why delete? Coz I can.. that's why.. \(^o^)V

I cried buckets in certain scenes..then rewinded them and cried again afresh. I watched K3G, Baadshah and Pardes this weekend.. and he managed to wring tears from me every time. Yes, yes.. even in Baadshah, which is not supposed to be a movie that should cause anyone to cry, right? Errr.. right? Neeways, no one else has been able to make me feel this much in such a short time span. Ok, I lied. My family can, but that's besides the point.

What it would be like to have an Arjun in my life. Someone who could grasp a blade with his bare hand and swear that his blood would flow before mine were shed. Someone who would keep a leaf I thoughtlessly gave him as if it were a treasured possession for years afterwards. Someone who would drop everything and go on a wild goose chase to find me when I disappeared without a reason. Someone who could sense my discomfort with the slightest change in my facial expressions. In real life, we have our loved ones. But Arjun is an ideal (despite his lying ways when it comes to his venerable daddy ^^;).. hai na? I doubt I can find someone like him in my vicinity. Sorry hubby dearest... but that's how it is.

Movies are supposed to make you feel. I have a theory about movies. Humans are equipped with a riot of emotions, and rarely do we get to experience them all. And let's be honest.. do you want to know how it feels to be angry at a rapist, if the rape happened to involve someone you're close to?? What about the sadness of losing parents.. or trauma when your entire family was massacred by hired killers? Or the despair in having brothers who had to kill each other coz one is a cop and the other is a criminal? Movies let you feel all these.. but without the danger of suffering violent repercussions or post-traumatic stress later. Movies are cathartic coz when we vent on the characters as if they were real people, we feel guiltless since they're not actually real. They're make believe, but they're also based on real people out there. People whom you wish you'd never meet in your lifetime. People whom you wish could be your companions for life.

This is my favourite song from Pardes. I love this line the most.. every time I listen to the song/read the verse, I feel as if my entire being were sucked softly, softly into the whirl of purity that it conveys: "If you're interested in this life, then be prepared to die.."

And the best reason a lover can give for falling in love: "I shouldn't have, but I have.." and I love this thought: "If there is anything that does, it's love that recognises the feelings of a lover.." Vah, vah.. kya baat hai, kya baat hai. I love the lyrics so much. Wish I could write as good a verse as this one has aplenty of.

I can't write a short review on Pardes coz it will just turn out to be as longish as these ones. This is not even a review, and it's already turned out to be a long one *sweat*. But if you enjoy Shah Rukh's performances (I know quite a number of people are allergic to them.. for some unfathomable reason), I'd highly recommend this movie for you. Have fun watching!!

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